The Initiatic Temple of Lucifer is a private cultural organization, of a mystical-philosophical and have an initiatory character. It is formed by Magi and Magas, Witches and Wizards, Sorcerers and Sorceresses; students and practitioners of the Luciferian Doctrine, whose mission is to Announce to the World the Message of Lucifer, the Bringer of Light: The true ancestral paganism, through the propagation of the Luciferian Doctrine, Occultism and Magic, as taught in our Temple.

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Our History

From 1997 until today, the Temple works intensely to spread the True Path of Initiation.

The external expressions of the Temple, created as Initiatic Schools, over time, had different guises and themes, such as:

  • Society of Theosophical Studies [Sociedade de Estudos Teosóficos - S.E.TE.] (1997 a 2005),
  • Trinosophical Fraternity (2005 a 2007),
  • Potencialista Philosophical School (2007 a 2009),
  • Sacred Circle (2009 a 2012) and finally
  • Initiatic Temple of Lucifer (2012 to date)

The Luciferian teachings have always been part of the Central Nucleus of the Initiatic Schools founded by me, listed above. Luciferianism has always formed the Core Core of these institutions.

In 2012, I decided to definitively remove the veils and external layers that involved the central doctrine of our School, assuming Luciferianism as the integral Doctrine (External and Internal) of our Fraternity. In accordance with this decision, we officially adopted the name of Initiatic Temple of Lucifer from then on.


The Temple today

The Initiatic Temple of Lucifer is a private meeting place, exclusive to Luciferian Temple members and their guests. Our rites are practiced by our Members in our Sanctuaries, in our homes or other places rented for that purpose. All of our events are private events exclusive to our members and our guests.

We are followers of Luciferianism and officiate all types of ceremonies, from Union Rites (Weddings), Consecrations (Baptisms), Reception (Initiations), Commitments (Pacts with Lucifer) and Funeral Ceremonies. All these ceremonies, of course, take place within our own standards and concepts. We practice Luciferianism. Our basic doctrines are based on the book of Fire - The Book that Ignites Hearts and Minds, the result of research and channeling work by our Founder and Director.

We are an independent institution. We are not affiliated with any other institution.

Although we also have some points of convergence with some religions, we prefer to preserve our convictions about Lucifer, the Luciferian Ruling Demons and other spiritual beings, some of which are totally divergent from the point of view of other religions.

About the Director

Jorge de Lucifer
Jorge de Lucifer
Founder, Director and Spiritual Master of the Initiatic Temple of Lucifer

Jorge de Lucifer is Minister of Lucifer and Director of the Initiatic Temple of Lucifer, he is a Magician, Witch, Sorcerer, philosopher, therapist, writer, professor of Esoteric Philosophy and Occultism with more than 33 years of experience in the area.

See a brief summary of his experience in the field of Occultism and Magic.