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“Do not implore the impotent gods, your salvation lies in yourself!” Prince Siddhartha

This is not a simple course in Magic, the Initiatic Temple of Lucifer is a Luciferian Initiatic School, and Our Path, the philosophy of the Temple, can be summarized as "an Enlightened Aristocratic Individualism" associated with "practice of Paranormality, Occultism and Luciferian Magic".

Some of the topics covered in our course are: _who they are and how to perform Magic Works for the Luciferian Demons, Vampirism, Lucid Dreams and Oneiric Travel, Luciferian Doctrine, Luciferian Ethics, Luciferian Kimbanda, Demonolatry, Tantra and Sexual Magic, Settlements, Radiesthesia, Luciferian Oracle and several other topics_.


*Baphometh Lodge - Neophyte Degree*: Philosophy, basic principles and fundamental concepts of Occultism and Luciferian Magic. Teaching some Spells and Magic Works - Duration of 3 months.

*Baalzebu Shop - Degree of Acolyte*: Pantheon of Gods, Correspondences and Witchcraft Techniques, Basic Works of Luciferian Magic - Duration of 6 months.

*Astaroth Lodge - Postulant Degree*: Introduction to Tantrism, techniques and practices of Luciferian Sexual Witchcraft - Duration of 9 months.

At the end of these three external degrees you can be invited to take an Initiation or not and you can accept to take such an initiation or not. If you are invited and accepted, you will go through a Ritual and from there the Teachings and closed Rituals related to the Internal Degrees will be given to you.


There are 7 Internal Degrees lasting approximately 1 year each. In these Degrees, extremely profound and esoteric teachings will be taught, only to those students who show themselves to be able to do so


Our classes are held via Live on Instagram. We currently have an open class * on Wednesdays at 19 pm *.

For those who do not have this schedule, they will be able to study only through the written material, without having to watch the Lives. Reading and sending us summaries of the classes studied.


In the month that you pay the Registration Fee ($120), you will not pay the monthly fee. The First Monthly Fee will only be paid in the month following payment of the Registration Fee, from the 1st to the 5th.

The monthly fee is $120. If the monthly fee is not paid by the 5th of each month, there will be an increase of $20. And if it is not paid by the 10th of the month in question, the student will be automatically suspended from the course.

Jorge de Lucifer
Jorge de Lucifer
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