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The COURT OF LUCIFFERIAN KIMBANDA – KINGDOM OF LUCIFER is an initiative of the Initiatic Temple of Lucifer that aims to bring our Kimbandist brothers closer to the Path of Luciferian High Demonic Magic. In addition, it aims to clarify the affinity and syncretism existing between the Demons and the Luciferian Entities with those called in Umbanda and Kimbanda of "Exús", "Pombo-giras", "Petro-Velhos", "Catimbozeiros" and "Cabocos of Kimbanda" ("Kaaboc", from indigenous language Tupi, means "those who come from the woods").

The Quimbanda entities are very welcome and are allowed to work in our house. In the Initiatic Temple of Lucifer, the Exús, Pombo-giras and Malandros (Tricksters) are treated as Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies.

However, they respect the Pantheon of Luciferian Gods who are invoked during the works, such as: Beelzebub, Astarot, Baphomet, Lilith, Hecate, Tiamat, Leviatan, Dagon, Babylon the Great - Mother of All Harlots, Molock, Nergal, among others. others and above all, Maioral, Lucifer himself.

We understand that many times a great witch who was burned by the inquisition, in order to be able to work, ends up presenting herself simply as a cute pigeon, fitting into her stereotype and many times she has to arrive at an Umbanda terreiro and pay off an altar totally Christian. Imagine if it was you. Would you like it? I don't think so!

The Exú lived and died in this land. Here he incarnated and learned many things in the Art of Magic. He is a being of immense wisdom, who has a lot to teach us. Exú also has a life story to tell. No wonder he managed to become an Enchanted One and move between worlds.

Without Exú, nothing is done. For us they are Great Messengers. Also called Guardians, because they are the ones who guard our Gate, and protect us in the "quebradas" of life.

If you want to talk to a great Witch, who may have lived in the Middle Ages, or hundreds of years ago, or ask advice from an ancient Wizard who has a lot to teach you, come to our Luciferian Kimbanda Open Sessions. You will have the opportunity to get to know another side of these beings, who feel much more comfortable working in an environment free of hypocrisy and the false morality of Christianity. Where sexuality, wealth and freedom are not a sin. on the contrary, they are seen as something divine.

For us, Lucifer is not an Exú, although we believe that there is an Exú who uses that name.

We believe that Lucifer is a God, the Bearer of Light and Intelligence. That he is freeing consciences from the yoke of false gods and from the dominion of slave-owning priests. A God of Freedom, Prosperity and Riches, who works together with the Exús so that we can achieve all our goals.


OUR RITUALS ARE NOT PUBLIC. Our place of worship (and the live transmission) is private and restricted – participation in them is only allowed by prior appointment and payment of the entrance fee.

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Jorge de Lucifer
Jorge de Lucifer
Founder, Director and Spiritual Master of the Initiatic Temple of Lucifer
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