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Luciferian Oracle is a game composed of Cards and Stones through which Lucifer and Luciferians Demons speak and communicate with us through their shapes, colors and symbols.

This oracle give us access to archetypal information related to Primordial Cosmic Forces. Thus allowing us to access Information relating to unknown events of the past, present or future. Forecasts for business, work, relationships, health and investments.

Up to 10 OBJECTIVE questions:
The more objective your questions are, the more objective your answers will be.

Consult in Writing: You want to consult the Oracle in writing and receive the answer in writing, via WhatsApp - $150

Consultation by Video Call: Or you want to make the consultation via video call - $300

ON-SITE $300 - *** Under construction ***

IMPORTANT: Service by appointment only!
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You can ask up to 7 questions numbered 1 to 7. The Consultant's full name and date of birth is required. They will be answered in writing and sent by Telegram, Zoom or In-Person.

The value of the game with the Luciferian Oracle is $150 (Telegram) or $300 (Zoom and Presencial).

After confirming the payment and sending the questions, there will be 3 days to carry out your Consultation with the Luciferian Oracle.

_Guidance on the formulation of questions_

  1. The questions must be objective and clear. A good answer is the result of a good question. And the Oraculist's mind needs to understand the question, because it is through it that the message is passed.
  2. The answers are given by the Demons in the form of Archetypes, so proper names, numbers or specific things are not revealed.
  3. Do not ask several questions in one, this will make it impossible to answer accurately. Be assertive in the question.
  4. Put the full name and date of birth of the person involved when your question involves third parties.
  5. The future is changeable, so events can change if the behavior of those involved changes or Magic Works are used.
  6. Don't ask the same question several times in different ways.
Jorge de Lucifer
Jorge de Lucifer
Founder, Director and Spiritual Master of the Initiatic Temple of Lucifer
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